Stories of Women in Engineering – Hafsa Mehdaoui



Stories of Women in Engineering – Hafsa Mehdaoui

Good things ahead

Quality Manager
ALTEN Morocco

After gaining a Bachelor’s degree in economics, Hafsa received a Master’s degree in telecommunications, engineering and business management. “My husband worked at ALTEN before I was recruited,” she says, “and he always spoke very positively about the work environment. So when the opportunity presented itself, I didn’t hesitate.” When asked what she would say to someone interested in joining ALTEN, she says, “I would tell them to prepare their resume fast and join us on this amazing journey because there are only good things ahead.



Can you describe your responsibilities at ALTEN?

My job consists of four fundamental parts. The first is training – we have a depository for all the processes we use. Together with my team, we make sure that everyone we work with understands and knows how to apply our processes in their daily tasks. The second part of my job is to offer my continuous support and coaching to make sure that we apply these processes correctly. We also work on the control parts throughout the audits. Lastly, we make sure that there is visibility for what we do depending on the stakeholders we are working with.

Aside from your husband’s positive feedback, what attracted you to ALTEN?

I was attracted to ALTEN by its human resources policy, which promotes the development of skills and a diversity of career paths. ALTEN also takes into account market developments in its training policy, as well as the professional projects of its consultants. This allows the company to respond to the demands of its clients, on the one hand, while developing the loyalty of its employees on the other.

What do you enjoy most in your day-to-day.

I enjoy the fact that I work with people. Human interactions are very important in our lives. I also like the fact that I can be helpful when I come to work in the morning – I can help to unlock situations – this definitely makes my day.

What inspires you to become a better person and professional each day?

The first thing that drives me to become a better person and professional is my passion for my job. Also, the fact that I want to be an example for my family members, my colleagues, and my kids in the future. My goal is simply to be an inspiring person.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your job?

The biggest challenge I face in my job is working to align all the projects to the same required level of quality, and to maintain it.

Do you think management provides a clear vision of ALTEN’s strategy?

Absolutely, we always know the company’s plans and vision way in advance, and we have a clear image of what we need to work on to be aligned with that vision.

What does Creating Tomorrow’s World Today mean to you and how does it apply to your day-to-day?

To me, Creating Tomorrow’s World Today means dreaming bigger and thinking out of the box. The more creative we are with our solutions and decisions, the further we will go.

How do you think our clients see us?

My task as quality manager is precisely this – customer satisfaction. I can assure you that our customers are very satisfied.

What’s sets ALTEN apart from its competitors?

ALTEN is well known for the high value and diversity of its projects, as well as for its dynamic human resources policy based on attracting and retaining talent, skills development, diversity, equal opportunity, health and safety in the workplace, and wellbeing at work. ALTEN is not just a company – it is a big family that cares about its employees’ development and its customers’ satisfaction.






Women at the heart of technological transformation

ALTEN’s women and men are the driving force behind our business. Our Group’s ability to develop and promote the best talent available is fundamental in enabling us to meet our customers’ needs. Over past years, we have made concerted efforts to counter certain widely held stereotypes and misconceptions in order to encourage engineering vocations among young women. This collection of profiles, Stories of Women in Engineering, is aimed at just that. 

« ALTEN is committed to motivating women to join the technical and scientific fields. We hope these Stories of Women in Engineering will contribute to a growing awareness of the vital role women play in science and technology, as innovators, as experts and as colleagues. » Simon Azoulay, Chair and CEO.

Come along their journeys building tomorrow’s world.


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